Kids Korner

Hey kids! Feeding birds is one of America’s most exciting hobbies! It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s a great way to adopt your own outdoor pets. Whether you know a lot about birds or not, you’ll find some neat stuff to do in our Kids Korner!

Now you can feed and learn about outdoor pets all across the United States! Birding Bonanza is a fun video game that takes you through the different geographic regions of the U.S. and introduces you to some of North America’s best-loved wild birds. Through 20 exciting levels, featuring 14 types of wild birds, you’ll learn interesting facts about each kind of wild bird, what food they prefer and where they like to live. The goal is to keep your “outdoor pets” happy by feeding them the foods that they love best – but you’ll have to do it quickly, or they’ll fly away. Complete the game, and you’ll be an expert on wild birds!


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