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Wild Delight’s® New Less Mess® Line Earns Best Bird Food Honors

Wild Delight’s® new Less Mess® line of outdoor pet foods was recently honored by Pet Business magazine with a 2008 Industry Recognition Award for Best Bird Food. The four Less Mess® varieties (Less Mess® Cardinal Food, Less Mess® Songbird Food, Less Mess® Fruit N’ Berry and Less Mess® Gourmet) beat out a crowded field of national competitors in all bird food categories, including caged bird mixes. This is the second consecutive year Wild Delight® has been honored with an Industry Recognition Award for Best Bird Food, receiving 2007 honors for its premium, zero-waste outdoor pet food, Deck, Porch N’ Patio®.

Wild Delight’s® Less Mess® blends are filled with wholesome ingredients – including real fruit and nuts – that the most desirable outdoor pets love. Best of all, they are made without sunflower shells so there’s less leftover debris. Finally, Less Mess products are formulated to help prevent weed growth under feeders. These mixes are an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to feed outdoor pets without the mess.

“We couldn’t be happier to accept this award for our Wild Delight® Less Mess® line,” says Mike Wulf, national sales manager at D & D Commodities Ltd. “Research shows that consumers are concerned about outdoor pet foods leaving a mess under their feeders. This line specifically addresses our consumers’ demands and puts those concerns to rest. Now people can feed the birds they enjoy so much and maintain a tidy yard at the same time.”

  • For more information, please contact: D & D Commodities Ltd. 1-800-543-3308