Reading The Label

Preponderance: All Wild Delight® products are labeled to show the actual preponderance of each ingredient.

Identification: All ingredients used in Wild Delight® products are correctly identified in the ingredient section.

Registration: All Wild Delight® products are correctly labeled in each state. Each product label meets current AAFCO guidelines.

Questionable Statements & Misleading Label Information: Read labels carefully. Products claiming to have nuts, fruits and other ingredients should have those ingredients specifically listed in the ingredient section.

Label Guarantees: Every product label must have guaranteed levels of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber and moisture.

Other Information:
– Feeding directions should be clear and concise and indicate preferred feeder types.
– Product should indicate attracted bird or wildlife species.

Birds should be fed all year long.

You can be assured that Wild Delight® products are the best available and provide the best possible nutrition for all outdoor pets.