Sizzle N’ Heat®: The Harmless Way To Keep Squirrels Off Your Bird Feeders

Industry studies show that mischievous squirrels are the number one thing that discourages people from feeding wild birds. They dominate feeders, create a mess and steal the seeds, nuts and fruits intended for backyard birds. If you’re having trouble keeping these furry critters off of your feeders, then it’s time to try Sizzle N’ Heat® from Wild Delight®


How Does It Work?

Squirrels have taste receptors that detect spiciness, a trait that birds lack. Sizzle N’ Heat® contains all of the desirable ingredients that wild birds crave, along with flavoring from natural chili peppers that acts as a safe, yet effective squirrel deterrent. Simply put, squirrels taste the heat but birds don’t!


Sizzle N’ Heat® was designed for birds only, and with two specific functions in mind: 1. Safely deter squirrels from feeders. 2. Attract the most desirable outdoor birds. While this is not a squirrel-proof product, our studies show it to be a very effective squirrel deterrent. Birds are unable to detect Sizzle N’ Heat’s® spicy kick, but once squirrels give it a try, most will choose to happily leave it alone. This is not because the hot seeds harm them in any way, it’s because squirrels simply don’t like the flavor. Sizzle N’ Heat® is harmless to all feeder visitors.

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This squirrel says “no thanks” to Sizzle N’ Heat.